Capital Katori is once again most pleased to welcome Tetsutaka Sugawara Sensei to Washington DC.

The seminar hosted by Capital Katori with Sugawara Sensei will commence on Friday evening (4th) and conclude on Sunday afternoon (6th).


FRIDAY, November 4th 7-9 pm: Katori Shinto-ryu
SATURDAY, November 5th 10:15 am: TBD - 3-5 pm: Katori Shinto-ryu
SUNDAY, November 6th 9-11:30 am: Katori Shinto-ryu - 2–4 pm: Katori Shinto-ryu


Email: - Or call: (301) 960-5021


$35 per class $135 for full weekend

Poster - Sugawara Sensei - 2016 Seminar - Nov 4-6

(Click above to download poster - opens in new window)

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